Applying Reputation Management Plan Improves Client Reputation and Revenues

The client wanted to resolve a reputation management issue that posted eight out of ten negative google search results on the first page for the past three years. The company lacked the internal resources to develop and / or manage a reputation management campaign.

Considered ways to adapt SEO experience and knowledge to reputation management. Built a campaign based on backlinks from domains with high authority, revamped site meta data, improved content quality, strengthened the internal linking structure and enhanced the user onsite experience.

Produced ten out of ten positive results within nine months helping the client to double revenue to more than $300 million.

Creating a Quality Lead Evaluation System to Generate Revenue

The company sought an economical way to generate leads through online demand generation. Constrained by a limited budget and small staff.

Analyzed the existing database of more than 30,000 to develop the characteristics of quality leads. Created a scorecard for evaluating quality and built a nurturing campaign to leverage quality leads. This gave field sales representatives a data-driven model instead of making gut decisions. After Times Warner Cable acquired the company, management saw that this online demand generation strategy outperformed Times Warner Cable online leads by six to one with a much lower cost per lead.

Generated $10 million in revenue within two months. The company adopted the strategy after the $600 million merger.

Increasing Staff Knowledge Refocuses Teams

Teams lacked digital experience resulting in low performance and limited revenues. Frequent financial or employee knowledge resource shortages resulted in an unmotivated staff.

Introduced an employee recognition program that noted team members going above and beyond on a specific sales initiatives and other visible accomplishments. Started a mentoring program to provide peer guidance on transferring knowledge on best practices and process improvement. Championed growth by identifying subject-matter experts.

Enabled more than 15 brands that generated over $100 million in annual revenue to transform operations by focusing on developing team abilities to apply multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns aligned to buyer pain and the buyer journey.

Using Negotiating Skills and Technology Grows Company

A freight brokerage firm struggled with route fulfillment issues. Needed to demonstrate the viability of a flexible business model and the integration of new technology as the right market solutions.

Managed rate negotiations for year-long routes with key customers. Applied technology to increase resource efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

Grew the company from 0 to 33 full-time employees, 22 owned tractor trailers and 10 owner operators with dedicated routes across the continental US producing more than $5 million in annual revenue.

Using Negotiating Skills and Technology Grows Company
Building Technical Knowledge Helps Produce Sales Opportunities and Upsell / Renewal Revenues

The company created the senior strategic consultant role to assist in moving from an implementation-focused culture to a value-based, strategic organization encompassing the entire digital landscape. Faced with slow internal approval processes and the lack of a deployment system in place for brand managers.

Built technical knowledge by earning multiple internal certifications. Shadowed internal subject-matter experts to learn better communication approaches to describe the value in the marketing automation tool.

Generated more than $2 billion in pipeline opportunities, $24 million in renewals / upsells and became the most sought after strategy expert globally for eight consecutive quarters.

Delivering a More Personalized Experience Boosts Conversions

Recruited to help the firm deliver a more personalized experience to target customers and accounts. Challenged by slow internal approval processes and a lack of a deployment system.

Worked with the client point of contact (POC) to establish an internal deployment system. Set up and trained the customer on real-time personalization for website content.

Realized a 201% increase in content-specific lead conversion for a Fortune 50 customer by applying lead nurture streams and the real-time personalization platform.