Boost Landing Page Conversion Rates by Focusing Your Testing on These 5 Simple Changes

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Assuming you post regular content, most sites will eventually have a number of pages that are underperforming. Landing pages are typically created for a visitor to take one or more specific actions, so it can be easy to track when the page is failing. However, you don't need to build the page from scratch, with simple changes often being enough to create radically different results. The following changes can all be tested on your landing pages to turn a struggling offer into a successful one.

Study Your Offer

While there are many small changes you can make, it is often the offer itself that is the problem. Assuming the product or service you are selling is quality, the way you market it will determine the level of interest. You could, for example, be promoting an email newsletter, but haven't fully explained the benefits of joining. By listing the benefits or offering an enticing free bonus, subscriber levels should increase. You might personally understand the value provided, but try to think about it from the point of view of someone engaging with a page for the first time.

Check the Visuals

Most visitors will only give a cursory glance to a page, so you need to stand out from the opening seconds. Color, imagery, and layout will play a big part in grabbing attention, offering a focal point to the page. There are various eye tracking tools and heat map products that can indicate where attention is most focused, but you could also try to look objectively yourself. Does the page look bland and uninteresting? Even a bold button or arrow can direct the eyes to an important part of the page, with quality images or graphics also helping to hold interest.

Look at the Call to Action

Your call to action (CTA) is a major factor in determining whether a visitor takes the next step. Whether it is to join an email list, subscribe to your blog, or buy a product, you need to make it clear what is required. A common problem occurs when site owners assume visitors will know what to do, but conversions will inevitably fall when you take this approach. Instead, make it clear what the logical next steps should be using bold colors, visible buttons, clear processes, and descriptive language in your CTA.

Analyze the Page Layout

You may have a page with quality copy and images, but the layout might be letting you down. If a page looks messy and complicated, many visitors will not even proceed to look at the details. There is, however, no set formula to creating an effective layout, with certain pages benefiting from a minimal style and others providing great results with more added elements. More often than not, though, an effective page will have enough white space around the text and images to make it more inviting, while including features like clear text and a large font.

Check Your Analytics

Commonly, the reason a landing page fails is because it does not meet the needs of the visitor. The page itself might not be a problem, but most visitors are looking for something different. Checking your analytics can reveal where visitors are coming from, what search terms they are using, and where your advertising is being placed. It could be that people are looking for something different, so you might need to adjust the message of the page or look for more targeted traffic.

It is common for site owners to forget about pages that are easily salvageable. Spending time creating new pages should be part of your plan, but existing pages can offer some quick results. Often, a few simple adjustments can change your fortunes, resulting in a losing campaign becoming profitable. These adjustments are particularly necessary if you are investing money through paid advertising. Returning to older pages with a clear head can reveal simple errors or oversights that can be improved, with the end result being an additional stream of income or a new batch of qualified leads.


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