10 Ways to Improve Your Business' Sales Lead Generation Opportunities

A tough challenge many growing companies face is the ability to generate enough sales leads.

Sales Lead Generation

Whether it is cold leads for their sales personnel to nurture or warm leads requiring further coaxing to close a sale, effective lead generation can be an ongoing issue for companies focused on growth. If you are a business owner or part of a sales team with a drive for success who wants to nail your sales lead generation strategy, there are a number of actions you can take to improve your lead development efforts. Integrate the following 10 sales tips into your lead generation plans and you might be surprised at how efficient your team becomes at growing sales leads.

1) One of the best ways to increase your sales lead generation opportunities is to carefully analyze each aspect of your buyers' journeys. No two buyers are alike when it comes to making a purchasing decision and neither are their buyer journeys. When a sales team invests the time in a deep-dive analysis of the paths their buyers take when making a purchasing decision, opportunities for lead generation almost magically appear. Buyer journey analysis can help you uncover hidden growth opportunities for your company and can help you tweak your approach to sales closing in ways that will have a significant impact on your business' financial bottom line.

2) CPL (cost per lead) analysis is another critical component of increasing your sales team's lead generation opportunities. Too many companies fail to understand how much each lead is costing them and continue to invest in sales lead opportunities that are detrimental to their company's financial well being. When you and your sales team invest the time in extensive CPL analysis, you are better able to understand which types of leads are pushing your business towards healthy financial growth and which ones are draining resources. Once you understand your best CPL opportunities, you can double-down on those growth prospects and turbocharge successful closures for your sales team.

3) If you want to dramatically increase sales lead generation opportunities for your company, work closely with your sales team to develop a detailed SEO (search engine optimization) strategy for your business' blog. A fine-tuned SEO strategy can increase leads for your business in ways you never imagined. Work with your sales team to understand the questions they are often asked and then develop blog posts that answer those queries and include irresistible calls-to-action within each blog post. Focus on everything from how consumers ask questions to how B2B (business to business) prospects ask questions to ensure your SEO game is strong. Don't forget to analyze how voice searchers speak their queries and include voice search analysis in your SEO plans. You'll never regret investing in search engine optimization for your sales team.

4) Social media analysis is another essential component of effective sales lead generation. You'll be amazed at how many lead opportunities are available online if you just make the effort to hunt for them. Use tools like BoardReader.com or SocialMention.com to scour the internet for discussions related to your company's market sector. Online forums are awash in conversations between individuals discussing everything from business news to new market trends. You can discover conversations on forum sites like Reddit or stumble upon discussions on question-and-answer sites like Quora specific to your business' market niche. Become a community member offering helpful advice to others (don't spam!) and you'll be surprised at how quickly your online comments turn into lead opportunities.

5) Don't overlook the potential of chatbots for creating lead generation opportunities for your sales team. Something as simple as an automated chatbot added to your website and blog can generate a significant number of leads for your company. Make your chatbot's answers as helpful as possible while still driving potential leads to call your sales team and you'll see your sales opportunities continue to grow over time.

6) Networking on business development sites like LinkedIn is another excellent way to increase your company's sales leads. Join industry-specific groups, add links to your company blog posts on your LinkedIn page, and comment on the LinkedIn posts of potential customers. When you look at LinkedIn as a relationship-building site, you realize just how much potential for networking and lead generation has been sitting right under your nose.

7) One sales lead generation opportunity few business owners and sales teams are taking advantage of is guest appearances on podcasts. Offer your services as a podcast guest and you'll be impressed at how efficient these brief speaking engagements are for your company. Use a tool like PodcastGuests.com to find relevant podcasts or hunt for podcasts within your business' niche on ListenNotes.com. Once you make a habit of appearing on podcasts specific to your business' target customers you'll kick yourself for not having discovered this powerful lead generation method sooner.

8) If your business has made a half-hearted attempt at acquiring new customers via video marketing, now is the time to go all-in on video outreach. Search engines like YouTube are awesome opportunities for companies wanting to acquire more leads, but you must make a focused effort to grow your YouTube channel. Create a YouTube strategy based on the content consumption preferences of your target buyers and then post new videos on a consistent basis to grow your subscriber list. Sales leads acquired via video marketing often convert at a much faster rate than traditional marketing, so make it your mission to offer high-quality videos that empower your customers to make purchasing decisions.

9) One sales lead generation opportunity many companies overlook is referrals from existing happy customers. Never miss the chance to tell your current customers how thankful you are for their faith in your business and let them know you would be thrilled if they referred their friends and business associates to you too.

10) Speaking of referrals, affiliate marketing is another sales lead opportunity that can help grow your business. Create an affiliate marketing plan for your company and offer an incentive for others to refer new sales leads to your business. You can set up an affiliate marketing plan via existing companies like CJ.com or you can create your own affiliate marketing system from scratch.

Incorporate these 10 tips into your sales lead generation strategy and your business growth opportunities can skyrocket. When you focus on increasing leads, sales will naturally follow if you have a talented team of closers on your team.

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