What is Dayparting? Optimize Your Digital Ads with This Classic Marketing Tactic

Dayparting - Scheduling ad delivery

We've all heard the difference between working hard and working smart. One doesn't require the other, but when it comes to something as important as your marketing campaign you want to make sure that your money is working for you. If you're running your digital ads 24/7, you could start optimizing your campaign and saving money by implementing some strategic dayparting, or scheduling of your ads.

What is Dayparting?

Businesses have used dayparting to improve the ROI of their advertising campaigns for the better part of a century, but the tactic is even more applicable to modern digital marketing. Back when radio broadcasting swept the nation, advertisers realized that specific groups of listeners were only really listening to the radio during specific times of day, or during certain days of the week. Therefore, to target a specific audience and make each bit of broadcasting reach its full potential, broadcasters began dividing each day into parts, which they could tailo

r towards the most appropriate audience tuning in. This tactic transitioned to television flawlessly, and finally, to the web.

Why is Dayparting Relevant Now?

Dayparting is making a resurgence in this new age of marketing largely for the same reasons that digital advertisements have become a new staple for marketing campaigns these past two decades: mobile search, and better, more ubiquitous internet. The dramatic increase in smartphone and other mobile devices, along with more accessible and faster internet, have changed how and when people browse the web. Customers can arrive at your website at any time with their mobile device, but just like radio and TV, the most genuine and valued connections often trigger during different hours than those on a regular computer. With this change in customers digital behavior, along with your ability to monitor this data and track when your ads performance, dayparting your digital ads is a smart extra step to take.

How Can You Start Dayparting Your Digital Ads Today?

Nearly all of the big ad networks like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and several of the newer, smaller ad networks that are popping up include the ability for you to daypart your digital ad campaigns. If you've been rolling digital ads through a network for just a few months, it's time to dive into your settings and see about scheduling some of your ads and optimizing your marketing campaign.

First, you need to look at each campaign individually and analyze what days and especially what times throughout the day are most profitable. In Google AdWords, you can do all of this under the "Dimensions" tab, but your provider may have it named something different. There are likely several options of time that you can view but focusing on "Day of the Week" and "Time of Day" are most critical. It's important that these ads have run for a time that's statistically significant, at least a month or more, or else creating any schedule could end up hurting your PPC goals. If you've let your ads roll long enough, checking out "Month" and "Quarter" might be able to give you even further information to incorporate into the rest of your marketing campaign.

With this information in mind, it's time to optimize some of your digital ads. Look for an option like "Schedule" or "+ Ad Schedule" if you're using AdWords. Now you can not only change when your ads run, but you can also control the "Set bid adjustments" higher or lower during specific days or hours as well. Keep in mind to record when you made these adjustments and track these ads on a monthly basis at least, looking for changes regarding your PPC goals. In an ever-changing market, your scheduling strategy may need to adjust quickly. It might even be a good idea to split test with another ad once in a while.

When every dollar and moment spent marketing for your large or small business matters, optimizing your digital ad campaign should be a top priority. There's a good chance that you're spending money unnecessarily to push ads during times when they aren't contributing to your ROI. Evaluating your ad data from over time and implementing dayparting, or scheduling accordingly, is a smart way to improve your ROI by making each ad work harder for you.


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