8 Conversion Optimization Factors You Should Be Testing

Most marketers at some point in their career have been left disappointed by a low conversion rate. After spending long periods creating sales funnels and directing traffic to an offer, a poor conversion rate can undo all that hard work. It is important to recognize that a landing page can always be improved, with the first effort often falling short of your hopes. A/B testing can be the key to a successful campaign, but there is always the question of which factors should be analyzed. The following aspects can be used as a guide for your testing, allowing you to reach a profitable conversion rate.

8 Conversion Optimization Factors You Should Be Testing


When used correctly, scarcity is one of the most powerful marketing methods at your disposal. Scarcity could be used with a discounted offer, bonuses, or limited time offer. The need to act decisively can be a huge motivating factor, so look for ways of creating that sense of urgency. However, avoid falsely using scarcity, as this can damage your credibility.


There is no simple system for marketing with colors, but you can use them to run tests. While certain colors are associated with happiness and positivity, this won't be consistent for everyone. You can test some major factors, including your branding and overall color scheme, but you will also get varying results for changing opt-in buttons or checkout symbols.


The size of various elements around the page can alter your conversion rate. Typically, if you want something to stand out, increase its size to make it more noticeable. If you are trying to build your email list, creating a prominent subscription box can be effective. Conversely, technical information might work better in a smaller font, making it accessible for people that require it, but not distracting from the more important sales elements.


Conversions will always remain low if there is any doubting your credibility. Building trust is vital, but it can be hard to do in a short period of time. A landing page can imply trustworthiness by including elements that indicate your site is secure and used by others. Security seals show you are addressing safety issues, testimonials show other users have been happy with your service, and comments or social likes show you are an active and responsive business.


Leaving white space in your design can typically help with conversions, but many business owners still feel uncomfortable with it. Empty areas on the page can feel like wasted space, with the temptation to cram more information into free areas. White space, though, makes a page more readable, while also adding balance and focus to content. Instead of regarding white space as a wasted opportunity, think of this space as its own element on the page.


Storytelling helps you tap into emotions and build a personal rapport with an audience. While facts, data, and product features might all be important, they are not usually at the heart of why a person buys a product. You might only have a small amount of time, but try to convey a story through your brand, helping to make a conversion and build brand loyalty.


Images can be used in different ways to convey information and elicit emotion. An image might be used to make a difficult point easier to grasp, with graphs and charts being obvious examples. A familiar logo can elicit emotions if users have previously had good experiences with the brand. Look for opportunities to use carefully placed images to engage viewers.


An effective web page can direct viewers to points of importance. This can usually be done subtly, but there might be occasions when you want to be more obvious. Small arrows can point toward opt-in boxes, while an image of a person looking a certain direct

ion encourages a viewer to look the same way. Directing people through your page is beneficial for visitors, so it should be considered part of effective web design.

After running A/B tests on these factors, you can expect to see some considerable improvements in your conversion rate. There is no precise method of reaching an optimum rate, with the union of traffic and offer affecting how many sales are made. However, these factors cover most bases in the optimization process, so you can feel comfortable you have done everything required to create a converting offer.

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