5 Ways to Transform Your Blog into a Profit Pulling Machine

Building a Successful Blog

The demand for quality content can be found across all niches, so it is possible for a committed blogger to build a sizable audience. Most blogs, however, are not overly profitable, with many opportunities for generating revenue being overlooked. Without being obtrusive or distracting, any blogger can use a number of methods that earn recurring income from each piece of content posted. The following techniques can all be applied to any blog, whether individually or in tandem.

Develop a Product

Developing your own product can be time-consuming and difficult, but it offers the most profit potential. An info product is perfect for a blogger as it can be used to expand on the topic of the blog, offering a premium version for interested readers. Physical products can also work in many niches, with Amazon fulfillment or dropshipping making the process easier. If you have written a book, selling it on the Kindle platform is also a way to reach a wider audience of readers.

Affiliate Marketing

Without the need to develop your own product, affiliate marketing is a simpler way to make some immediate income. Affiliate marketing is cheaper to get started, but it is worth noting that you are sending your audience to another product vendor. In most niche, the large number of products means you can test various options to see what gets the most conversions.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are probably the easiest way to generate income from a blog. Advertising won't usually be the most lucrative option, but it is quick to implement. The amount you earn will depend on the industry you operate in, with only related niches likely to want to advertise on your blog. Obtrusive banners can get a negative reaction, so always be conscious of the user experience when you position the ads.


If visitors like to read your content, there is a good chance they would also be willing to hear it in audio format. Podcasts are growing in popularity, with mobile devices meaning people can listen on the move. Podcasts can help to build your brand and keep visitors coming back to the site, but you can also earn income from short advertisements and sponsorships.

Sponsored Content

When you have built a strong audience, advertisers will be looking for ways to reach your audience. Banner ads are not as effective as they once were, so new methods have been developed to gain attention. Sponsored content can come in various forms, but it is typically a piece of content tailored towards your audience. The content is not intended to be sales copy, with a simple footnote from the creator helping to build their brand and gain some traffic.

The time and dedication required to build a popular blog is huge, so readers generally understand the need to generate income. As long as you are not being too obtrusive, most people will want to support your hard work in some way. Each of the methods mentioned can all help to bring in income, with each new reader you gain helping to increase overall profits.


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