How Marketing Automation is Changing the Marketing World

When you need a better online marketing strategy, marketing automation software can help you

Bryan Young - Marketing Automation

build your business. With marketing automation in place, your business becomes more efficient.

This is not a new technology. In fact, most companies have systems in place that contact customers automatically. Usually this is in the form of regular business newsletters, or timed emails to nudge customers into potential sales.

Social Media Can be Automated Too

Most businesses that are successful today use a social media strategy. Whether it is daily new blog posts, running sales online, or asking questions of followers on social media, this is an effective way to strengthen customer loyalty. With marketing automation software, social media posts can be automated.

Marketing Automation Has Changed the Marketing World

Gone are the days of simple newspaper or radio advertising. To be successful in business today, you must employ new marketing techniques that use the internet in order to find new customers. With automation software, the behavior of searches online can be tracked. You can gather information about potential customers just because they searched for specific keywords, even if they have never visited your website before. The options for marketing automation are endless, and the time to invest in this strategy is now.

Tailor Emails to Potential Customers Based on Web Pages Visited

This approach is a way for businesses to try to give customers what they want before they ask. By learning which pages a searcher visits on a website, and how long they spend on each page, it is possible to narrow down what the potential customer is looking for. Once this has been established, the business can send the detailed email out the customer with the hope that they have answered questions about products or services that the buyer may have.

Lead Generation Based on Keyword Searches

The keyword phrase your business is targeting is important. You have to know what your specific keyword or keyword phrases are, and you have to integrate the keyword or keyword phrases into your content. You want people on the internet to land on your web page when they search your targeted keyword or keyword phrase. This is a complex process, but there are some steps you can take to get higher up on Google searches over time. These steps include:

  • · Add new, original content to your website several times a week that uses your keyword or keyword phrases.

  • · Promote your new content using social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • · Visit websites offering similar services out of the area and comment on their blog, using your website to link back to your site.

  • · Always provide useful, interesting content to keep people coming back to your site.

In the beginning, this strategy is not enough. To get customers visiting your site, you can pay Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, and you will be placed in search results for your keyword phrases. As people visit your site and it becomes more popular, it may be possible to pay less for ads and earn more organic search visitors.


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