Leverage Analytics & Information

Spawn lead-producing online digital marketing, branding and demand generation strategies using data analytics to drive web, mobile and social media programs.

High-Performing Teams

Develop, deploy, and lead multi-disciplined domestic and global teams by identifying and mentoring talent to produce and implement brand identity, digital marketing strategy, social media, and external marketing campaigns.

Business Transformation Strategies

Technical solution architect and innovator who fuses expertise in multiple verticals with digital and business acumen to produce and execute business transformation strategies.

Operations and Sales Optimization

Translate vision into tactical initiatives and align performance for success through clear communications, business process re-engineering, and performance / ROI accountability.

Collaborative Leader

Create consensus across business functions by forging meaningful internal and external relationships and enduring client partnerships.


Bryan Young.



Bryan Young was the youngest and first senior strategy global consultant for Marketo and drove over $1 billion in revenue for clients before they were acquired for $1.8 billion. He has helped companies like Microsoft, Zillow, the National Basketball Association, McKesson and Panasonic grow their revenue with his digital strategies. Bloomberg BusinessWeek named him one of the Top 25 Under 25 Business Professionals in America and Black Enterprise awarded him its Innovator of the Year award. He specializes in building systems and training teams on conversion optimization, marketing automation and advanced analytics.

Driven Results For:


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2017- Present

ESW Capital (Crossover for Work)

Director of Inbound Marketing - Miami, FL

Based in Austin, Texas, the ESW Capital group specifically focuses on buying, strengthening, then growing mature business software companies.

- 60% growth in marketing qualified leads over previous best quarter by leveraging data across the organization’s operations, the dynamic marketplace, and through customer engagement to serve and adapt the tech stack and digital strategy.

- Developed deeper experience in operations, financial attribution, brand value management, and customer engagement responsibilities by restructuring companies digital efforts post-acquisition.



Senior Strategic Consultant - Raleigh, NC

Key contributor to building global digital marketing strategic initiatives for numerous venture backed SMBs and Fortune 50 clients.

  • $2 billion in pipeline opportunities and $1 billion in online revenue generated by using an analytical approach, building flexible strategies and applying practical advice on implementing innovative ideas.

  • Reduced gaps in the lead lifecycle by introducing diversified messaging and positioning to address buyer profiles.

  • Increased demand generation for nine Fortune 50 companies by diagnosing demand generation gaps, leading executive stakeholder strategy discussions and building lead nurture programs.


Time Warner Cable

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist - Raleigh, NC

Created an affordably budgeted, lead producing online demand generation strategy.

  • $10+ million in revenue recorded by analyzing a database of more than 30,000 leads and building a lead nurturing and scoring campaign giving field sales representatives a data-driven model to assess lead quality.

  • Provided all leaders with a clear understanding of the metrics used to benchmark success by applying technology and business acumen to make data-based decisions in funding and budgeting allocations.

  • 800+ marketing qualified leads (MQL) secured by leveraging marketing automation on fit, behavior and the customer journey.

  • Enhanced sales performance and long-term sustainability by creating dynamic sales strategies and marketing automation that adapted to the unique positon of each customer.

  • 23.5% sales conversion rate boost achieved by building out and implementing A / B test campaigns for existing traffic.

2017 - 2017


Digital Marketing Manager - Miami, FL

Responsible for leading marketing team in the conception, development, and execution of innovative acquisition/retention strategies —through Analytics Architectures, Web Properties, Marketing Automation Platforms, CRM Systems, Mobile Apps, and other interactive means.

  • Reduced budget expenses by 20% and negotiated contracts to reallocate the spend to account based marketing to drive greater revenue potential with target accounts

  • Completed all first-year performance goals in first three months leading to a 24% Marketing Qualified Lead to targeted Sales Accepted Lead measurement

  • Created advanced analytics architecture and nurture program to measure conversion attribution of over 90 pre-existing pieces of content in less than two months


Cross Platform Media

Chief Digital Officer - Raleigh, NC

Directed a company-wide commitment to digital strategy implementation while managing a team of 30 web designers, project managers, videographers, social media specialists, developers and content writers.

  • $25+ million in revenue realized by building holistic online and offline demand generation programs.

  • 177% overall growth in revenue, profit, headcount and EBITDA produced by driving enterprise transformations into performance as digitally integrated, multichannel industry pioneers.

  • 133% results to pipeline goal hit by improving content planning and resource budgeting.

  • Transformed operations by enabling 15+ brands generating more than $100 million in annual revenue to focus on developing the ability of teams to use multi-channel / touch campaigns aligned with buyer pain points / journey.

  • 76% reduction in time to market achieved by leading an internal training workshop and creating a center of excellence for best practice reference.

  • Grew revenues to $25 million by developing a mentoring program to provide peer guidance in transferring knowledge around best practices, process improvements and identifying subject-matter experts.

  • 10-fold cost cut and business process enhancements achieved by introducing change management principles that led to more production capacity in a shorter amount of time.


Business Empire Consulting

Chief Digital Officer | Co-Founder - Raleigh, NC

Created national and international digital marketing strategies using web, mobile and social media. Developed high- performance teams to implement solutions while managing 12 direct reports and ad hoc client staff.

  • $750 million in sales realized by thinking creatively and using an insightful entrepreneurial style to create strategies, develop an extensive background in technology / business / strategy / and span sales across multiple platforms.

  • $150 million in revenue delivered for client by resolving a serious reputation management issue.

  • $100 million in annual revenue attained by guiding more than 15 brands to successful digital transformations through a hands-on approach to applying multiple analytical platforms and defining key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Doubled YOY revenue for a firm by launching a digital strategy to heighten customer website interaction, conversion to buyer, amount and frequency of purchase and to grow the customer lifetime value.


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It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Bryan. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bryan for almost two years at Marketo. During which we worked closely on projects to turn around client's marketing automation and content marketing strategy. Above all, I was impressed with Bryan’s ability to communicate complex strategies into bit size pieces for our customers. And, of course, Bryan's personality is insatiably intelligent, and his focus on customer success translated well to managing our toughest clients.Bryan would be a true asset for any position requiring strategy, training and change management and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.


Bryan is a spectacular domain expert in the inbound and SEO/SEM space. His depth of knowledge is impressive - as well as his ability to dive into problems and quickly solve them. He is far more valuable than any 'agency' you'd hire to develop a marketing strategy.


Bryan was our account's Senior Strategic Consultant from Marketo. He advised our marketing automation team on the implementation of an integrated process for tracking a variety of different technologies across our digital ecosystem. Having worked with several different advisors and technologists over the years, I found Bryan to be one of the absolute best. His expertise, combined with his listening and communication skills, immediately put myself and others in my team at ease. I was comfortable asking questions that ranged from the most basic to very complicated and Bryan was happy to field them all graciously and deftly. Working together was genuinely fun - and fast - we accomplished a great deal in a very short period of time. He was a great strategic advisor to our account and I can't recommend him highly enough.

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